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Zero Piernas is a collective project of various artists around the world, who have dedicated themselves to the experimentation on different areas of art like visual, sound design, graphics, photography, video, etc

No compromise art! Art in its finest!

Why do we laugh?


2nd release coming soon for april! all stuff ready!

martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

Zero Piernas / TO BO
"cabeza en la mierda"
Industrial Noise Records
Split, Cdr format, Limited Edition


01 A beautiful song for coprophilia acts - Zero piernas
02 We love you, veronica moser - Zero piernas
03 Tête à la merde - Zero piernas
04 Wischmobtango - TO BO
05 Code 123 - TO BO
06 Gaynormte Gesellschaft - TO BO
07 Surfing Pope - Zero piernas
08 Crown in the shit - Zero piernas

Surfing Pope